About Us
Zhuélla  ,  Pearl your life
The most persistent charm
Comes from your heart
The natural spirit
Like a pearl which is the only gemstone
that can shine without any cutting or polished
Born beauty
As a boutique pearl jewelry brand,
Zhuélla strives to maintain high quality while adhering to the latest fashion trends in the design of all of our products.
Each Zhuélla pearl is a natural pearl,
selected by our pearl specialists and measured according to world pearl level standards.
Zhuélla controls product quality through every stage of the process to create high-end boutique pearl jewelry and accessories.
Maintaining high quality is the most important value of our brand.  
We ensure our product’s excellence through innovative design techniques.
Each Zhuélla pearl is not only a treasured gem,
but an opportunity with infinite possibilities.
From one of a kind pieces,
to elegant everyday designs.
Zhuélla: pearl for your life.
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China Shanghai Pinna Baijia International Trading Co.LTD
Store :  Jing'an Kerry Center 1515
Nanjing West Road
Shopping Mall North Building Level 3 (NK3-04)
Address:Shanghai,4th floor,Fuxing Commercial Building,
139 Ruijin Yi Road